‘Econo Times’ BTS Jungkook “Good Morning America”, The famous boomed before the show

Econo Times, "Good Morning America", BTS Jungkook exploded popularity and police also asked for his signature

The Encono Times, an internationally renowned economic newspaper, said: “We need to prove the popularity of BTS and Jungkook.”

In particular, Econo Times mentioned people who want to meet Jungkook. “The uniformed people (NYPD police) will also line up to receive Jungkook‘s signature.”

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1.[+691, -105] I think BTS’ Jungkook is really over-the-top. Every time, they give out articles about Jungkook’s popularity in economic articles that look and feel the world’s trends, it must have been based on accurate indicators. The last Japanese media reported that he was a popular tower in the U.S. and Japan. That was the exact indicator! Anyways, I’m so proud of Jungkook. I’m so excited. I think you’ll be on stage tomorrow. I can’t fall asleep tonight. Jungkook, put all your charms on.

2. [+488, -36] BTS Jungkook is always interested when he appears. His clear eyes attract people.

3. [+412, -31] As the popularity of BTS’ Jungkook, it is known that “Jungkook China,” a Chinese fan club, was the only one invited to the U.S. Billboard Awards, showing different popularity and influence from other stars and fan clubs around the world.

4. [+320, -24] BTS’ Jungkook, over-the-top guy.

5. [+279, -23] BTS’ Jungkook, a popular monument

6. [+145, -0] The popularity of BTS’ Jungkook is already over the moon. The Encono Times is an economic newspaper. The fact that an article mentions Jungkook’s name proves the brand value of Jungkook. He is always polite and humble. He is loved by fans all over the world.

7. [+132, -0] The fact that overseas famous economic media published the report exclusively on Jungkook makes me realize how popular Jungkook is. The popularity and influence of Jungkook, as evidenced by accurate indicators and records and recognized by the foreign media, is the number one in the top class.

8. [+117, -0] BTS’s popularity in the U.S. I don’t think it’s possible to be in the U.S. It’s possible that one day, a rural Boston café only wrote “Jungkook” on the blackboard, not “BTS Jungkook.” I’m proud you are the most famous singer.

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