Entertainment company reps vote on the best singers, the hottest rookies of 2020

The best singer of 2020

BTS (19 votes)
Na Hoon Ah (1 vote)
BLACKPINK (1 vote)
SEVENTEEN (1 vote)
Oh My Girl (1 vote)
Lim Young Woong (1 vote)

The hottest female rookie of 2020

STAYC (7 votes)
Aespa (7 votes)
Weeekly (4 votes)
Secret Number (3 votes)
Blank vote (4 votes)

The hottest male rookie of 2020

TREASURE (6 votes)
CRAVITY (6 votes)
ENHYPEN (4 votes)
Lim Young Woong (2 votes)
DRIPPIN (2 votes)
MCND (1 vote)
P1Harmony (1 vote)
Blank vote (2 votes)

Experts participating in the survey

Director Ko Kiho (Santa Music)
CP Kim Kwang Soo (KBS)
CEO Kim Do Hoon (RBW)
Director Kim Sang Ho (JYP Entertainment)
Director Kim Sook Kyung (Jellyfish Entertainment)
Deputy Director Kim Yeonsoo (Pledis Entertainment)
Director Kim Yong Sook (FNC Entertainment)
Director Kim Jiwon (SM Entertainment)
Director Nam Seo Woo (Brand New Music)
Director Bang Jaehyuk (KQ Entertainment)
CEO Baek Changju (C-Jes Entertainment)
Director Shin Minkyung (TOP Media)
CEO Yoon Youngro (Creker Entertainment)
Director Lee Youngjoon (Woolim Entertainment)
Representative Lee Wonmin (WM Entertainment)
Representative Lee Jonghyun (Blockberry Entertainment)
Chief Lee Jihyun (Starship Entertainment)
CEO Jeon Seunghwi (Cube Entertainment)
Manager Jung Jinho (Big Hit Entertainment)
Manager Cho Wooyoung (YG Entertainment)
Deputy Director Choi Sungpil (PlayM Entertainment)
Director Han Jungsoo (Mystic)

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