Eric Nam describes what he thinks made BTS globally successful in his conversation in the US

Eric Nam describes what he thinks made BTS globally successful in his conversation in the US

On September 9, Eric Nam featured on American podcast ‘Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig’.

During the talk, the host Grace Helbig asked, “Do you have any artist or group that you are excited about now?

Eric Nam laughed and answered, “Well, I feel like the entire world is excited about BTS.”

Then, Grace Helbig nodded and asked with eyes full of curiosity, “Yeah, definitely. What do you think it was that made their crossover into mainstream music?”

Before Eric Nam gave his response, he first made it clear that this was just his personal opinion.

Then, Eric Nam responded, “When BTS started, they were these underdogs in the industry. I knew they were having a very difficult time, because K-pop is so competitive. There are hundreds of groups making debut every year and maybe 1% is going to stay around for a few years.”

He continued, “I remember that they were doing things non-traditionally in the sense like they were shooting a show in Los Angeles, and they were performing at these tiny venues there. I guess they were trying to figure out their sound, image and look were going to be.”

He added, “I think what really took BTS was their fandom, ARMY though. They were really rooting for those underdogs. They were that perfect underdog story. But it worked, because they are amazing performers. They looked almost like America’s best dance crew, but they could sing and rap amazingly well at the same time.”

After that, Eric Nam mentioned the time when he saw BTS’ live performance for the very first time.

Eric Nam said, “I was at ‘KCON LA’ in 2014 where they were the opening act. ‘KCON LA’ had the most stacked lineup that year; there were all like big and heavy hitters from the industry. I watched them there and they stole the show. Their choreography, charisma and the way they did things made people go, ‘Is that magic? What is going on?’, and from there, there was this organic growth of international fans.”

He went on, “I think a lot of people were like, ‘These guys are so underappreciated, but they are so good.’ Then, they just continued doing their thing, and managed to become the biggest act in the world.”

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1. Eric Nam seems to be doing better than critics who analyze Bangtan’s popularity.

2. Eric Nam analyzed much better than any domestic media saying only the success of BTS thanks to SNS…

3. At this time, Bangtan’s stage was the opening stage of K-CON, but there were rumors that Bangtan was so enthusiastic that they surprised viewers and music officials.

4. Bangtan’s stage is great. They are idols, but they are really good at dancing and singing.

5. There are many groups that are good at dancing, but showing energy on stage seems to be another aspect that not everyone can do.

6. They are really good at the stage. I’m a fan of another group, but I admit it unconditionally. You can see it from their special stages of awards ceremonies or music festivals at the end of the yearㅋㅋ

7. Eric Nam’s analysis is much better than some of the domestic media

8. I think this is better analysis than the music expertsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. The members always focused on the performance to the point where the energy was really different at each stage even though they performed it hundreds of times. They don’t get tired even though they always do their best.

10. That’s really true. Bangtan is really good on stage.

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