EXO’s Chen, wedding – birth timeline… Lie exposed after 3 months

EXO Chen welcomes the birth of his first child

On April 29, the media reported that Chen’s wife gave birth to a baby girl this day at a hospital in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Gangnam District.

A source from SM Entertainment confirmed the news, saying, “It is true that their daughter was born today.”

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1. [+2795, -113] Why does SM defend all of their idols that cause scandals when even fans have turned their backs?

2. [+2484, -135] Please leave EXO

3. [+2432, -141] ㅋㅋ He’s really shameless. Please leave the group and go solo. Who would want to fangirl over a dad?

4. [+262, -5] He should’ve been honest about the pregnancy. People can know the truth by using the trimester months….

5. [+248, -10] Sunye is even better than him, at least she left the group

6. [+231, -7] Moon Hee Jun denied pregnancy too but look at them, they’re on variety shows now. I think Chen, too. He will be on ‘The Return of Superman’ in two years

7. [+200, -5] I’m not a fan but I think I know why EXO fans are so upset. Instead of lying and making excuses to stay in the group, he should’ve just been honest

8. [+165, -17] If I were a fan of EXO, I would be so upset. It’s impossible to imagine having a dad in a worldwide famous idol group…

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