EXO Chen’s new song’s review on Melon right now

“Jong Dae why do you do selective promotions??”

“There’s so much that was ruined. But firt take responsibility for the repackage and the fan meeting that was ruined. why do you selectively promote, father of a child?”

“Do you not get the message”

“You ruined the group promotions but are so good with being selective with your promotions, father of a child”

original post: theqoo

1. The fans aren’t doing that for no reason… Chen seems just selfish and irresponsible at this point

2. If you don’t know the details, you shouldn’t say anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are reasons people are doing what they do. It’s not only because he got married. It’s too much to explain so don’t add your opinions if you don’t knowㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Only the fans suffer

4. I hope he leaves the group because of the members. No matter how close the members are, the fans are not very comfortable, and I can’t say anything when I see him, but I think this will be very troublesome in the long run

5. The fans are terrorizing his OST review page because he’s not leaving the group? that’s harsh isn’t it?

6. I’m not sure why he keeps insisting to be part of an idol group. I think Chen can become a solo artist since he has the ability to

7. Please leave the group!!

8. I don’t care if he leaves the group and becomes a superstar when he goes solo. Just leave the group.

9. To be honest, I feel sorry for the fans. It is a struggle that only fans are exhausted

10. I feel sorry for EXO fans, but I don’t like EXO fans

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