Protests rage harder with Chen’s lies being exposed… Can he continue to stay in EXO?

EXO fans protest harder with Chen's lies being exposed

original post: nate

1. [+2694, -126] The fans want him to leave and he’s standing in the way of the members so I don’t understand why SM is insisting on keeping him! Why would any fan want to spend money on a lying idol;;

2. [+2451, -77] Wouldn’t the stomach be showing at 7 months? How was he even able to lie about that??

3. [+577, -19] Fans hate spending money on him and don’t want to see him. He should just leave the group before things get worse for him

4. [+208, -14] MBLAQ’s GO and U-KISS’s Dongho left when they got married, right? EXO is the top idol group right now, but a lot of fans will leave the fandom if they don’t handle this right

5. [+196, -8] It’s May already, Jongdae-ya, have you not left yet?

6. [+185, -4] You’ve made enough money, so please focus on your family now.. Why must fans continue to feel hurt while seeing you amongst the members? The deal is done so just clean up and go. This is getting so dirty for you

7. [+158, -5] If you planned not only a wedding but a birth too, shouldn’t you have at least thought about leaving EXO?

8. [+132, -4] I’m not a fan but I think leaving the group for the benefit of other members is right

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