(Denied) Exclusive, EXO DO Kyungsoo (D.O), In The Process Of Parting With SM… Not Renewing His Contract

EXO Kyungsoo Rumored To Not Renew With SM
EXO Kyungsoo Rumored To Not Renew With SM

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1.[+486. -50] Such a shame for his vocal colors… Please release his R&B solo album already

2. [+455, -38] He seems to not know how much of an amazing voice he has

3. [+236, -25] He’s so earnest about establishing his career in acting… He has the right attitude

4. [+421, -215] He should’ve been able to go on for a bit longer in EXO, he seems to not be aware of it. EXO’s name value was supposed to still do well

5. [+145, -20] He said that if he had to choose between EXO and acting, he would choose EXO… I don’t know if this is his personal choice, but I’m a bit sad over this

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