‘Wedding announcement’ EXO-L turn their backs on Chen… “Request for him to leave the group, request an answer from SM”

“Chen, who deeply hurt and caused chaos to the fans, will only hurt the group’s image if he continues to promote with them.

We would like to announce our statement to request that SM Entertainment retract their decision to let Chen promote as a member of EXO and kick him out of the group.

First, the public image of EXO as a group has greatly been defamed.

Over many years, EXO maintained their top status but Chen’s selfish choices has deeply hurt their 9 years of hard work. Not even a day after Chen’s news, keywords like ‘wedding-idol’ and ‘married-idol’ were attached to reports about EXO. False rumors about the other members were also spread through gossip reports.

Chen’s individual behavior will form a permanent view on the group as a whole, and it will become difficult to continue marketing the group as idols. This damage will spread as long as it is allowed to continue.

Second, EXO’s fandom is facing severe division and conflict. Over the past 9 years, despite the many issues and scandals that we faced, EXO-L have continued to show a united support at numerous offline and online-voting events for the sake of EXO as a group.

However, due to Chen’s unreasonably irresponsible actions, the fandom is falling apart.

The most basic foundation of a fandom is the trust in the members, but as that trust fell apart, a majority of the EXO-Ls can no longer support Chen anymore.

Third, an uncertain group schedule will only harm the fandom and the artists. If Chen doesn’t leave the group, EXO-L can no longer give their all in supporting EXO with a comforted heart.

EXO fandom members who paid money to join the fandom sincerely wish for Chen to leave the group. This is the aftermath of the worries and fury the fans are facing due to Chen staying with the group and the group’s uncertain future promotions.

It’s a fact that this is causing harm to your entertainment agency’s growth. SM Entertainment needs to stop hoping for the unlikely and realize that they need to kick Chen out of the group for the group’s long-term and realistic future plans.

If we don’t hear a response from the agency by January 18, EXO-L will use direct and indirect methods to protest.” cr

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1. [+13518, -1530] Before you hate on the fans, please ask yourself why a fandom that went through three members leaving is now personally asking Chen to leave.

2. [+10332, -1265] Chen is sure to know that fans are not turning their backs on him because of the simple matter of marriage. Chen was the first to turn his back on the fans with the long time he spent with her.

3. [+6805, -725] Please don’t harm the group

5. [+6010, 1053] Please don’t harm the group anymore and just leave. We’re not doing this just because you’re getting married.

5. [+5737, -1030] I’ve been an EXO-L for 8 years. Please make Kim Jong Dae leave the group. It’s what everyone wants.

6. [+3178, -320] I’m disappointed with your behavior, the fans didn’t turn against you because of your love and marriage, but because you have no consideration for the group and the members. But others wrap your behavior up as cool. They think that what we are doing is immature and it makes me feel so bitter. Jongdae-ya, by taking responsibility for the one you love, you are also transferring responsibility to the people who love you. We didn’t abandon Chen, but you did.

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