EXO’s Chen announces his marriage, Fans protest to kick him

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1. [+716, -185] I support the protest. Fighting for the protest!!!

2. [+562, -129] I support Chen’s withdrawal.

3. [+509, -97] We support the ‘Chen’s withdrawal’ protest from paid fan club.

4. [+391, -90] I support the protest. All he has to do is leave the group.

5. [+362, -136] I support Chen’s withdrawal. Chen OUT

6. [+152, -31] Please quit, Jongdae-ya!!! What are you doing, splitting your fandom? Do you respect the opinions of the fans?

7. [+139, -43] I support his withdrawal.

8. [+196, -147] We’re critical of today’s one-sided protests by a small number of fans. Most fans of EXO Fandom support Chen/Kim Jong Dae’s happiness and his right to serve as EXO member.

original post: naver

1. [+830, -144] Fans said they would protest if you don’t answer, but you didn’t answer, and you let your fans go out to protest… What is your personality?

2. [+716, -253] So when do you leave? Please leave soon…

3. [+518, -86] Fans have the courage to protest. Fans are struggling.

4. [+431, -179] Chen, please leave

5. [+146, -28] Fans are having a hard time on a cold day but he’s busy getting married

6. [+142, -82] Please leave

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