EXO Sehun Releasing A Post Supporting Seungri

EXO Sehun Releasing A Post Supporting Seungri

“Seungri ‘suspect over prostitution’ many other celebrities in his chatting room”… Some called to be investigated”

Seungri’s English name is Victory and he’s doing a V on the pictureㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

EXO Sehun Releasing A Post Supporting Seungri

“Time will resolve everything, (I will/You will) be happy”Translation: Seungri hyung, time will resolve everything

Does he think that we won’t catch up if he doesn’t mention the pronoun?

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1.[+408, -89] Can you just stay still.. He’s a celebrity who’s associated with Seungri, but isn’t it better that you keep quiet for now? We all know who the trolls are, and whether it’s true that he’s associated or not, this drag is just becoming tiring. The fans are tired of it too

2. [+384, -145] Birds of a feather.. Seungri and Sehun the 2 talentless ones of their groups are close with each other

3. [+333, -122] Seungri hyung! When time passes, those pigs won’t remember a thing!

4. [+189, -140] I’m another group’s fan but don’t feed the troll

5. [+145, -87] Everyone knows that Seungri’s English name is Victory… Does Sehun thinks that no one will catch up if he releases like that

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