EXO Suho, Ambassador for Daegu international musical festival

EXO Suho appointed as ambassador for Daegu International Musical Festival

On May 9, EXO Suho has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for the 13th Daegu International Musical Festival.

This year’s festival will open with “Wedding Singer” from the United Kingdom and will also features musicals and performances from Korea, Russia, France, Spain, China, and Taiwan.

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1.[+874, -46] The Last Kiss, The Man Who Laughs, musical actor, Suho fighting!!

2. [+558, -25] Promotional ambassador. Kim Jun-myeon, musical actor, you are so great. We will support your.

3. [+384, -13] Ambassador, he’s amazing!

4. [+270, -69] Daegu chose the ambassador very well

5. [+95, -2] Suho, who was successful as an idol top singer, performed well as a musical actor, and received love in the fashion world, is amazing. Needless to say, he is handsome.

6. [+54, -1] I look forward to Suho’s upcoming musical.

7. [+46, -1] Suho’s path is always stable. Fighting!

8. [+41, -0] I went to watch ‘The Last Kiss’ and ‘The Man Who Laughs’ and he acted very good. I’m looking forward to the next musical.

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