EXO’s Chen announces his marriage “A blessing came to me, I’m grateful to the members and the fans”

SM Entertainment has announced that EXO’s Chen will be getting married.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Chen has met someone precious to him and will be getting married. The bride is a non-celebrity, and the wedding will be held privately with only their families in attendance.

To respect their families’ opinions, the wedding and everything related to it will be held privately, so we ask fans and reporters for their kind understanding.

Chen will continue to work hard as an artist.

We ask you to send Chen lots of blessings and messages of celebration.

Thank you.” cr

EXO‘s Chen has revealed through EXO’s official fanclub on LYSN a hand written letter confirming he has a girlfriend, and that he will be marrying her.

“Hello, this is Chen.

I have something to say to my fans, so I wrote this letter. I don’t know how to start, so I am very nervous. I wanted to be the first one to tell my fans who I love so much, so I am leaving this post even with my lacking sentences.

I have a girlfriend who I want to be with for the rest of my life.

I was worried and concerned with what would happen with my decision, but I wanted to let everyone know early so my members, the company, my agency, and especially my fans who are proud of me wouldn’t be surprised by the sudden news, so I talked it out with my agency and the members.

During that time a blessing came to me. I was shocked because I wasn’t able to take part in the plans that I had made with the members and the company. But, this blessing gave me the strength and courage. I thought about how and when I should reveal the news but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I am carefully revealing it to you all now.

I am grateful to my members for genuinely supporting and congratulating me and to our fans for always showering us with insurmountable love. I will always be grateful for all of you and will continue to do my best in the position I am in.

Thank you always.” cr

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1. [+2089, -149] Although I’m a fan of another group, I feel weird looking at the article. But if he were my singer, I would have collapsedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+743, -9] That blessing means she’s pregnant, right?

3. [+536, -9] The fans are in shock.

4. [+448, -12] She’s pregnant so he gets married

5. [+365, -110] But I think Chen is really cool. There are many celebrities who are trash these days. Chen’s protecting his wife and child at the risk of being criticized. It’s so cool to be responsible.

6. [+182, -14] I’m not a fan of EXO, but his responsible appearance seems to be something to be congratulated on.

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