EXO’s D.O enlisted today (July 1) -> Release solo song “That’s okay”

EXO's D.O enlisted today + Release solo song "That's okay"

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1.[+553, -11] Kyungsoo, have a nice day. I’ll wait for you.

2. [+286, -7] I will wait for you and cheer you on the day we meet again.

3. [+173, -4] Good luck, Kyungsoo.

4. [+158, -5] Good job, be healthy when you come back, Kyungsoo. I will wait

5. [+153, -4] Stay healthy, Kyungsoo. I’ll wait for you

6. [+36, -0] Kyungsoo will have many new friends. Have a good military life!

7. [+38, -3] His acting is very good and I don’t like SM, but D.O is fine, but I want to applaud him because he enlisted in silence and not publicly. Don’t get hurt. He will come back and continue as a great singer and actor. Take care.

8. [+36, -1] He’s good at anything, he’s polite to everyone, he’s always sincere. Have a nice trip and meet you in a better way.

9. [+29, -0] Whatever you do, don’t worry about it. Just keep healthy!

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