Fair Trade Commission receives 2nd complaint about BTS Jungkook’s ‘under-the-table ad’

The complaint alleges that Jungkook’s mention of the Teazen brand and “lemon flavor” product on VLive on February 27 and March 7 caused sales to skyrocket, which is detrimental to the free market

original post: theqoo

1. There are a lot of celebrities who show brands more than him, but what’s going on?

2. If this is an under-the-table ad, Lee Boo Jin’s use of Galaxy is also an under-the-table ad. Antis are just trying to ruin Jungkook’s image

3. I’m not even a fan of BTS, but I feel sorry for Jungkook

4. Leave Jungkook alone, leave BTS alone, please

5. Seriously, I’m not even a fan of BTS… I don’t know why it’s a problem

6. I’m not really a fan of BTS, but I feel sorry for Jungkook.. Why did you guys do this? It’s hard to hate someone like that

7. I feel sorry for Jungkook… I guess even the Fair Trade Commission would say that’s ridiculous

8. If you hate someone this much, please go to a mental hospital

9. HYBE, what are you doing???? There’s even an article like this

10. There are a lot of weird people in the world. Leave Jungkook alone