Famous Filipino actress “I became Army because of BTS V”

Teresita Marquez, 28, is an actress from the Miss World beauty pageant in 2017. She is a model, a dancer, etc.

In an interview with a local media, she confessed that she became a fan of BTS V when watching the KBS drama ‘Hwarang‘.

She said in an interview: “I fell into BTS and became an Army, and my bias is V. I also want to go to BTS‘s concert.”

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1.[+310, -12] BTS is my favorite, combining outstanding looks with talent and effort, unusual music and sensibility, plus humble attitude and warm character.

2. [+200, -10] Men, women, old and young. I think people in many different fields fall in love with BTS. I’m very excited about V’s charm as an idol model.

3. [+142, -7] Good morning, Taehyung!

4. [+108, -3] BTS is charming. Don’tt get sick, Taehyung. Take care of your feet better.

5. [+93, -7] Taehyung, I know all about your charm. Congratulations, don’t get hurt.

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