Reviews of the quality of the BTS ‘Butter’ cassette tapes

Fans are complaining because they received white cassette tapes with smudged and faded ink for the ‘Butter’ text

“Did I receive the wrong ‘Butter’ tape? What? The tape is more white and the ‘Butter’ text is faded…
Even the logo looks faded ㅜㅜ
There isn’t even a hologram sticker ㅜㅠ
Is this fake? Did HYBE send me a fake one?”

The cassette tape sold in the US

original post: theqoo

1. But why should you buy a cassette tape? I’m really curious so I’m asking, it’s just for collection..?

2. The members are good but their agency is bad, the biggest obstacle for BTS is HYBE

3. The members have to wear oversized shoes while dancing and singing at the concert, what do you expect from HYBE?

4. No, isn’t this a scam?

5. Seriously, the cassette tapes from 20 years ago are better quality

6. Are they scammers??? The quality is so bad

7. Wow, how can they sell something like that? They’re looking at their fans like idiots

8. Not once or twice, why are they like that? Are they scammers??

9. Honestly, the American version looks bad, but the Korean version looks even worse… What a shock…

10. Crazy.. HYBE will end when BTS leaves..