This girl group is having their 2nd anniversary yet their company didn’t congratulate them at all

Fans are raged at Pledis for not congratulating PRISTIN on their 2nd anniversary of their debut

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1.I think it would be better for them to terminate their contracts and let the girls go..ㅠㅠ And please, don’t make any girl groups anymore from now on..

2. Hul.. Now that I realize it, I have never seen them anymore ever since they released Wee Woo and We Like..

3. Does their company have any reasons to hold the girls back from promoting..?

4. That’s really cruel. Is it that hard to edit a picture, put some congratulating sentences, and upload it on SNS..? And if they weren’t going to get them some schedules, why did they debut them in the first place..?

5. The girls didn’t practice for years to be treated like this.. They’re at the time where they should be releasing a lot of songs and having packed schedules, though.. I feel really bad for the girls..ㅠㅠ

6. I’m literally tearing up right now.. I just watched their fancams again today, Minkyung-ah..

7. What is on Pledis’ minds..?

8. Don’t they even feel sorry for Siyeon..?

9. Maybe their company is actually their own anti-fan..?

10. I miss my girls..

11. They’ve been releasing great songs and also receiving great responses from the public.. Why are they treating the girls like this..?

12. It’s so frustrating, it drives me crazy..

13. I miss my Ddi Ddi..

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