Former IOI member, Jeon Somi, postponed his solo debut until the end of May

Fans were angry when Jeon Somi's solo debut was delayed until the end of May

According to an industry source, her debut was postponed due to internal issues in her agency, and the anticipated date of her debut is now late May.

The source stated, “As far as I know, her debut was delayed due to several recent events. The decision was reached after also considering the quality of the album.”

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1.[+83, -4] Then, do you promise to make her debut at the end of May? After all, she can’t make her debut because they need to dealing with her seniors, LOL

2. [+27, -1] Why would you go back and postpone it if things got worse?

3. [+24, -1] I asked you to let me know quickly. Are you writing the article just two days before your debut? Don’t really re-sign Somi. This isn’t real. I don’t trust the agency that tried to deceive the fans before it even started. It’s funny that they didn’t say anything, they couldn’t say anything, they embarrassed each other, and all the foreign fans counted down 60 days ago. It’s funny. I gave them two more months. What are you doing?

4. [+14, -1] Whatever the reasons their gave us, I really don’t care any more.THE ONLY THING AND ONLY ONE THAT I CARE IS “JEON SOMI” . I am waiting for her to debut 3 years now and I will still waitnig for her as always. LOVE YOU MY SUN – KISSED.

5. [+12, -0] Somi, let’s cheer for the wait until then. Don’t feel pressured. Let’s get ready for the debut step by step!

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