Female idols who have tiny waist

Cosmic Girls Bona


Red Velvet Seulgi

SNSD Taeyeon

Former member of AOA, Mina

original post: theqoo

1. Sakura’s waist is so small too, she’s too skinny

2. Rose’s waist doesn’t seem to exceed 20 inches

3. Their waist is too thin, so envious

4. I think Jennie’s waist is even smaller than Seulgi and Taeyeon

5. I’m really jealous of Rose’s body … She is tall, long arms and legs, but her waist is so small ….

6. Looking at Sakura’s waist, her waist is so small that I can’t believe it

7. It’s BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa

8. Your body will look good when your body has pelvis like Kwon Min-ah or Seulgi.

9. Sakura’s small waist is not a joke