[Forecast for 2020] Big Hit’s crisis – SM’s new girl group – JYP’s consolidation – YG’s bet

Forecast for 2020: Big Hit's crisis, SM's new girl group, JYP's consolidation, YG's bet

Big Hit itself is in crisis. This is because BTS, Big Hit’s heart, will enlist this year. The problem is that no group can replace BTS.

Although TXT is gaining achievements on their own, they’ve not yet escaped the title of BTS’s junior.

SM to debut their new girl group in 2020. First member, group name, concept, etc. is still unknown, but SM trainees are always recognized for their ability and visuals.

Girls’ Generation will focus on individual activities.

EXO also succeeded with their 6th album, and to hold concerts and focus on individual schedules abroad.

Red Velvet will expand their musical worldview after their success with ‘Psycho’. NCT also promotes domestic activities as well as overseas activities. SHINee adds their charm through individual activities. Super Junior plans to continue their success after their 9th album.

ITZY will explode in 2020. Stray Kids is expanding their popularity abroad. They will begin their world tour with eight cities in the US. GOT7 and TWICE will do well because they’re the top groups of K-Pop.

Although BACKPINK will make a comeback in early 2020, but it’s YG, who often breaks promises. Can’t expect WINNER’s activities because Kim Jin Woo will join the army. It’s hard for iKON to come back because of B.I’s departure, who was in charge of the album’s entire work.

Currently, BIGBANG is in crisis. If BIGBANG’s contract fails, there’s a risk that YG’s stock will drop again.

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1. [+1506, -116] Are you Big Hit’s anti?ㅋㅋ Why are you writing so badly about Big Hit? I’m sorry, but Big Hit will make the most net profit this yearㅋㅋ There are still some idols born in 1991 who haven’t yet joined the army. Are you trying to send BTS to the army early? And TXT was successful, but you mentioned TXT as if they failed. So let’s compare the profits of agencies in 2019 and just the two groups, who made more money?

2. [+1018, -17] It’s New York Times Square but this reporter called it Yeongdeungpo Times Square, right..?

3. [+709, -83] Big Hit’s Crisis? EXO, they’re all in the army. Isn’t the crisis of SM?

4. [+591, -51] Did SM give you anything? The story is so interesting.

5. [+101, -2] Why are you writing so badly about Big Hit? AKMU Lee Soo Hyuk ..? He’s Lee Chan Hyuk;; but if you’re going to write an article, I recommend you look it up and write it. That’s enough for me to be a reporter..^^;;

6. [+72, -0] You’re the reporter who always shields for the big agencies. You’re the reporter who turned New York Times Square into Yeongdeungpo Times Squareㅋㅋ

7. [+69, -1] ㅋㅋㅋ Big management companies are going crazy because small and medium agencies are doing well? I’m so sorry for the reporters who are desperate to underestimate Big Hit and BTS and hide their records.

8. [+40, -0] I’ve never seen a reporter who uses Big Hit more negatively than YG beforeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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