If it was me, I would’ve sworn and got into a controversy

Even though throwing things on stage is prohibited in the notice, foreign fans still throw things on stage as if it’s the culture of foreign fans.


Seventeen’s Jeonghan

Kang Daniel

EXO’s Baekhyun

BTS’s J-Hope

BTS’s Jin

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1. [+452, -55] Baekhyun is pretty kind. He still waved at the fansㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+314, -65] J-Hope got hit, but he still smiled and greeted the fans… Seriously, his whole character must be kind

3. [+128, -5] Baekhyun still joked and smiled at the fansㅜㅠ impressive, but he’s also pitiful, it takes a lot of time before becoming like that. And didn’t they hit Jin too hard..? I would be so angry if someone hit my head

4. [+128, -5] Jeonghan must be surprised

5. [+120, -3] I feel bad for them that they have to smile even through situations like these.. J-Hope smiled even after getting hit by a fan. Baekhyun too

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