How companies deal with school bullies, according to a Youtuber who is a former idol trainee

In a video dedicated to her trainee days, Kwon Hyuk Jung revealed that her agency asked straight up if she’d ever been involved in any kind of bullying. Though she hadn’t, she revealed how the agency handled the trainees that were.

Rather than releasing those trainees from their contracts, the company was prepared to cover it up:

“So I told them that I never was and they said, ‘Are you sure? If not, you should tell me right now so that we can make it not released to the public now. But if it’s exposed later, then we can do nothing about it. So, be honest with us now.’” – Kwon Hyuk Jung

The agency was so thorough in their questioning of trainees’ bullying pasts that they broke down which of the “different types of bullies” they were. Kwon Hyuk Jung said, “One who harrassed others and ones who just got along with bullies. They asked in detail.”

Bullying wasn’t the only thing from some trainees’ pasts the agency was willing to cover up. Kwon Hyuk Jung revealed that they’d made up an entire story to explain the lingerie photos she’d taken as an underwear model before becoming a trainee.

“Shooting underwear was not a good image like now, and the public could not quite understand it. So I told them, ‘Wouldn’t this be a problem after debut?’

And they said they already made up a story that I had no choice but to do it.” – Kwon Hyuk Jung cr

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1. I think they should apologize to the victim before they debut..

2. I hope all school bullies will be revealed at this point

3. It’s shocking how companies work on the past of school bullies

4. When thinking about how much money a company invests in an idol, the most important thing is that idols don’t get into controversy

5. If you don’t tell the truth, who will know you are a school bully. If you tell the truth, you have to make sure your agency can cover it up

6. There is no secret in the worldㅋㅋ

7. Don’t let school bullies debut

8. Before they debut, I think they should meet the victim and apologize

9. Don’t even think about debuting if you’re a school bully

10. I think companies need to learn about their trainees’ past..

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