Former iKON member B.I releases new song … The lyrics “I hoped that it wasn’t the end”

Former iKON member B.I releases new music

On January 2, former iKON member B.I released a song titled “DEMO.1” on his personal SoundCloud account.

The lyrics include, “All my words may seem like excuses but I never meant to hurt you,” and “As we live, if we meet again, I promise to stay loyal.”

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1. [+523, -89] I missed Kim Hanbin so muchㅜㅜ Hanbin fighting!

2. [+435, -31] I’ll wait for you ㅠㅠ Let’s find strength.

3. [+379, -20] Kim Hanbin, be happy and live a healthy life. Let’s just walk the flower path!!~~

4. [+368, -21] I missed Kim Hanbin so much.

5. [+324, -16] I’ll wait for Hanbin

6. [+221, -8] B.I’s class is really different… The lyrics are so emotional.. Life has to be tough, isn’t it? It’s a good song again!! I’ll wait for the new music again.

7. [+198, -6] I’ll wait, loyal man. We’ll be loyal.

8. [+175, -3] Hanbin-ah, I miss you.

9. [+149, -2] I love you, B.I, be happy… I’ll wait

10. [+136, -3] Millions of fans are still waiting

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