“Filthy, ugly” Kang Sung Hoon is controversial when talking about idols these days

Former Sechs Kies Kang Sung Hoon under fire for calling Idols these days and BTOB are dirty skin, ugly

On May 12, a video titled ‘Absurd Remark 1’ spread quickly online as it showed the former Sechkies member criticizing the outer appearances of present-day idols.

The conversation:

KSH: Ah…I wish I were a bit taller. Why isn’t there a plastic surgery to make one taller? Ah…I need to extend about 8 cm… If I were just 8 cm taller… Right? If so, I’d be really confident… Ah…

fan: It’s fine the way you are now~

KSH: Hey, but I think idols these days are ugly.

fans: Right…

KSH: When I see them at ‘shops’ (celebrity salons), they are frigging ugly. Why is that? They are frigging ugly, frigging. Their skin is dirty, too. Why are they so ugly?

fan: Who?

KSH: How can I reveal who it is? There hasn’t been a single good-looking idol since TVXQ. Really.

fan: Oh, then how about BTOB, whom you met last time?

KSH: What?

fan: BTOB that you saw last time?

KSH: How can I say this now, that they are the ones?

fans: (laughs)

KSH: (They) are all definitely ugly. When I produce (my own idols), I’m going to choose them based on their looks. I mean, don’t you think they should be quite handsome, given that they are celebrities? With good skin? With some aura? No? Ah…I’m not that active these days, so I lost a lot of that aura…

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1.[+5167, -36] Never seen a celebrity like him…

2. [+3798, -101] ??? But Yook Sungjae is better than Kang Sung Hoon. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1945, -37] Please disappear. You can’t stand up in the entertainment industry, where your personality is too bad.

4. [+1042, -193] He looks like a crab

5. [+609, -5] No. 1 old Idol who ugly

6. [+446, -3] He was on the air before, saying, “I don’t know if Cha Eunwoo is handsome,” and he said, “Why are you doing that?”

7. [+432, -7] He doesn’t have any skill, face or height, so he is chattering with fans. BTOB, they’re not a bad group to blame, they’re a big group to living.

8. [+394, -19] No, Sung Hoon. It’s like you’re trying to make a fool out of yourself. You are also the ugliest member of Sechs Kies. LOL

9. [+380, -6] Even if he is Jung Woo-sung and Won Bin, he should not say this, but he is worse than BTOB. What is he talking about? He is aging a lot.

10. [+252, -5] Like a psychopath who’s really into the old sensations. I was ashamed to look at him.

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