French broadcast under controversy for ‘comparing’ “BLACKPINK is special, TWICE is common”

French media under controversy for comparing BLACKPINK and TWICE

Jane karda of Kpop Life stated, “BLACKPINK is a special Kpop group that all’s about women and girl power while TWICE is common because of their feminine concept.”

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1. [+2373, -245] It’s not about which side has the better song, but BLACKPINK can sing live while TWICE can’t. That’s fact, no?

2. [+1728, -163] Then ask them to sing a live performance under the same conditionsㅋ Momo should go first

3. [+1590, -194] They’re right, why is this controversial?

4. [+143, -28] BLACKPINK is way better at dancing and their live performances are much better……..

5. [+138, -18] To be honest, TWICE needs to practice their singing. I was laughing when I heard their live. Are they a singing group or a dance team?

6. [+110, -18] You shouldn’t be called a singer if you can’t sing live

7. [+103, -17] They’re right, just look at BLACKPINK’s achievements and recognition worldwide…

8. [+92, -24] TWICE even sings worse than even IZ*ONE’s encore yesterday

9. [+79, -6] TWICE’s style only works well in Japan. The aegyo, the cutesy dances, there’s zero chance of that ever working in the western market..

10. [+70, -14] They’re right.. Why is this controversial?

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