BTS Jimin and Eric Nam came to watch Alec Benjamin’s concert today

BTS Jimin was invited by Alec Benjamin to his concert a few days ago.

BTS Jimin watched Alec Benjamin sing from above

Jimin and Eric Nam

Eric Nam went to alone to BTS concert

Alec Benjamin and BTS Jimin

Jimin’s Twitter

Alec Benjamin’s Twitter

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1. Both are cute

2. It’s amazing how both Eric Nam and Bangtan Jimin know Alec Benjamin.

3. It’s a warm combination

4. Jimin has a lot of Alec songs in his playlist.

5. It’s warm and nice. Jimin and Eric Nam look so sweet.

6. So warm. The concert must be fun.

7. Why does that foreign singer ask Jimin to come to his concert? Jimin is a fan?

8. Jimin is a friend of Eric Nam and Alec Benjamin.

9. The combination of both is amazing

10. Oh crazy, I was there today so why don’t I know Jimin?

11. Jimin’s Spotify playlist has a lot of Alec Benjamin songs, so they know each other like that.

12. I like the friendship of Eric Nam and Jimin, but it’s great that Alec Benjamin and Eric Nam are friends.

13. It’s good that Jimin is enjoying the fun

I like Eric Nam, and I also like Bangtan

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