FT Island’s Fans Are Angered… Demand “Choi Jonghoon To Be Removed From The Team”

original post: naver

1.[+286, -1] Seriously, the fans must have had their heart shattered… I’m a fan of another fandom but… The fans must be so sad ㅜ I wonder what these fans are thinking. Does he know that all these thousands of people are the same human as him and that of all the people who constitute this society, they chose to support you? Sigh, you immature bast*rd…

2. [+211, -1] What a waste for the singer to lose these fans

3. [+111, -8] Obviously… he has to leave. What wrong did Hongki commit???

4. [+80, -9] You got caught drunk driving. I think that you need to leave your team. I’m more curious about what happened in club arena than what happens to you.

5. [+52, 0] Isn’t Hongki the leader of the group? I knew already since his #metoo scandal ?? Choi-sshi needs to leave

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