G-Dragon and Jennie’s new photos for Chanel

original post: theqoo

1. This is the first time I feel bad seeing Jennie’s photo

2. Jennie’s makeup is so weird…

3. GD doesn’t seem to have the best style anymore…

4. Jennie’s clothes were fine, but what happened to GD?… His posture looks weird

5. Jennie is pretty but her makeup is a bit ugly

6. As expected, GD and Jennie are perfect for Chanel

7. Jennie is so pretty, GD is quite old

8. Jennie’s outfit is so pretty, but her pose is weird… I didn’t even know that GD was wearing Chanel clothes

9. GD’s style is a bit weird, Jennie is pretty

10. Jennie looks like a Barbie doll💕

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