G-Dragon and Taeyang can’t use their stage names unless they renew their contracts with YG

G-Dragon and Taeyang can't use their stage names unless they renew their contracts with YG

According to the Intellectual Property Office on December 12, YG bought the trademark rights of ‘G-DRAGON’ in early 2003, before BIGBANG’s debut in 2006. YG also acquired the trademark rights for ‘TAEYANG’ and unit group ‘GD X TAEYANG’ in 2015, and also registered the trademarks ‘G-DRAGON’ and ‘TAEYANG’ in the US in the same year.

An official of the Korean Intellectual Property Office said: “When a trademark is made up of ‘A + B’, it’s difficult to use ‘GD’ without permission or separate contract with the trademark owner.”

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1. They’re famous enough to not need it

2. I think they can promote as Kwon Ji Yong and Dong Young Baeㅋㅋ

3. To be honest, they’re still so popular even when they change their stage names.

4. Kwon Ji Yong and Dong Young Bae, who doesn’t know their real names?

5. You mean, they will re-sign the contract with YG for trademark rights. I don’t like this, I hope they will leave YG after their contract expires.

6. It doesn’t matter if they leave YG and promote as their real names.

7. They can use their real names, but anyway, I think they will renew their contracts with YG.

8. To be honest, G-Dragon’s real name is Kwon Ji Yong and I don’t know if anyone doesn’t know this

9. Your real name is so famous … So please leave YG

10. Yang Hyun Suk is trying not to lose GD and Taeyang … Please leave YG as soon as possible.

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