BLACKPINK Jennie’s SNS live stream… GD makes a surprise appearance “Recording a new song?”

G-Dragon appears on BLACKPINK Jennie's Instagram live stream

On the 1st, Teddy and GD made a surprise appearance on Jennie’s Instagram live stream

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1. [+1396, -170] A clean sweep of druggies

2. [+1038, -170] Why does GD look like an old grandpa?

3. [+800, -67] No other celebrity can pull that off..

4. [+63, -17] Are you also a school bully? Right?

5. [+59, -20] GD’s marijuana excuse: I went to the bathroom and the guy I didn’t know gave me what I thought was a cigarette and I smoked without knowing it was marijuana. The taste was strange so I spit it outㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Because people shield a ba$tard with a pathetic excuse like that, these criminals think they can get away with it all

6. [+54, -17] Drug agency

7. [+47, -15] A bunch of tryhards..

8. [+42, -28] He looks really ugly

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