BIGBANG G-Dragon, using a pet dog as an accessory ‘the worst fashionista’

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1. [+3566, -74] I only read the title of the article, but I feel like the title says it all

2. [+3120, -77] Why is everyone from YG like this?

3. [+2685, -64] Hasn’t he switched cats twice too??

4. [+237, -2] It’s clear that he was copying other celebrities when he brought his dog to his pictorial and award ceremonies. You can’t fake your love for animals, your lies will be exposed someday.

5. [+222, -3] He’s just trash. He threw his dog out and then adopted a cat. As an owner of a previously abandoned dog myself, this is really disappointing. I hope he never appears on TV again.

6. [+207, -2] Jolie’s apparently lost too, I’m worried about where she could be. I hope that a better family has adopted her..

7. [+199, -2] Let the world know that he’s just trash~

8. [+162, -3] I hope he never appears on broadcast again in the future

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