G-Dragon discharged from the military, gathering 3,000 people from dawn … After all, he’s still a superstar

G-Dragon discharged from the military, gathering 3,000 people from dawn

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, who enlisted in the military on February 27, 2018, has officially completed his mandatory military service today, October 26, 2019.

Thousands of fans made the trip to the Yongin Army Ground Operations Headquarters to see his return to the public sphere.

He briefly spoke to the fans and reporters who were also waiting for his discharge.

“I finished my military service well, thank you for waiting for me, and thank you for coming here to see me.

I will be returning to my main job now instead of being a soldier, and I will faithfully carry out my duties in my job as well.” – G-Dragon

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1. [+2759, -2115] The trendsetter of Korea has finally come out. I’m really looking forward to how the stopped trend will turn around again.

2. [+1393, -790] The beginning of new fashion trends from today

3. [+874, -396] GD, the last king

4. [+634, -221] GD discharged from the army

5. [+801, -428] I wish all the best to the king of Kpop all over the world, GD.

6. [+464, -169] Oh, this country has no answer. No matter how many times you commit a crime, you only need to reflect on yourself~ There are some pigs who make money even when they commit crimes.

7. [+421, -152] Koreans really … Why are people still supporting YG after the scandals? Why are people still supporting GD after the controversy in the military? … I don’t understand. Then Daesung and T.O.P. I bet people still do this even when he runs the prostitution building.

8. [+358, -164] I don’t understand…

9. [+192, -58] Shake the world~ ~ ~ ~ Shake the world~ ~ ~ ~ Congratulations to G-Dragon.

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