G-Dragon off to a fashion show

G-Dragon looks luxurious on his way to Paris

G-Dragon was seen at Incheon Airport heading to Paris for a fashion show

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1. [+567, -188] It’s been a while, Chanel-Jiyong

2. [+459, -242] GD, it’s been a whileㅋㅋㅋㅋ Please release new music, I want to listen to new song

3. [+301, -94] Have fun at the Chanel fashion show!!

4. [+280, -79] It’s been a while, GD. Let’s see each other often. Have fun at the Chanel fashion show

5. [+273, -102] Finally, he’s working on the official schedule!!! How long has it been since the last airport picture? ㅜㅜ He even shaved ㅎㅎ

6. [+127, -55] Nice to see you, G-Dragon. Let’s get back to work.

7. [+156, -87] Let’s release a new song. There’s no song to listen to

8. [+107, -52] GD~~♡

9. [+91, -39] GD swag, come back quickly. There’s no song to listen to.

10. [+79, -31] BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is so cool. I wish I could see you more often

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