G-Dragon’s manly facial hair selfie … ‘Vintage charm’

G-Dragon shows off his manly charm on SNS
G-Dragon shows off his manly charm on SNS

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1. [+178, -67] I’m rooting for you. Can’t wait to hear your songs.

2. [+138, -28] Thank you for telling me what you’ve up to. I know you’ve had a hard time but I hope you’re able to endure it and come back strong. I’ll wait for the album.

3. [+135, -31] I want to see you often ㅠㅠ Please post it on Instagram!

4. [+127, -26] Love you.

5. [+274, -174] What manly charm… He looks a mess.

6. [+143, -58] I’m so happy to see you.

7. [+120, -41] I miss G-Dragon.

8. [+74, -18] His face is natural and nice without makeup.

9. [+52, -5] G-Dragon, who has been at the top for more than 10 years! As always, I hope you’ll be smart enough to handle this again… And I hope all the hard work that you have been working on will shine even more in the future!! I’m cheering for you.

10. [+49, -3] Good to see you, GD.

11. [+61, -21] His face looks good and natural without makeup. GD is a great artist.

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