BIGBANG’s G-Dragon reveals luxury interior of penthouse… Like an art museum in his home ‘worth hundreds of millions’

G-Dragon shows off luxurious interior of penthouse

original post: nate

1. [+2012, -93] Am I the only one who thinks it looks distracting…

2. [+1722, -112] It looks like the shrine of a shaman

3. [+1489, -97] I know everything is expensive but.. it looks messy;;

4. [+68, -18] This reflects his unstable mindset

5. [+60, -15] I would feel mentally unstable living in that house

6. [+60, -17] Is it the house of a shaman?

7. [+52, -16] Who cares if his house is full of luxurious artworksㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+52, -16] I would feel mentally unstable after living a week in that house

9. [+49, -9] Why do that to such a nice apartment…;;;;

10. [+45, -14] What does all that money matter when you don’t know how to decorate with it

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