Goo Hara and G-Dragon’s heartwarming combination … “Hwaiting to all of us!”

G-Dragon spotted hanging out with Goo Hara after his discharge

Goo Hara has shared a photo with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon following his recent military discharge!

On October 30, she uploaded a selfie with G-Dragon along with the caption, “Hwaiting to all of us!”

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1. [+396, -35] Don’t worry about malicious comments that people don’t know who they are, cheer up…

2. [+270, -104] GD looks coolㅋㅋ

3. [+170, -12] I feel like he’s out of the army now

4. [+165, -30] There’s still a lot of malicious commenters but don’t worry about them. I hope you can see and feel good things.

5. [+132, -45] GD is handsome

6. [+36, -2] I hope they can comfort each other

7. [+46, -16] GD is the celebrity of celebrities

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