G-Dragon to discharge on October 26th … Will he save BIGBANG and YG?

G-Dragon to discharge on October 26th, will he save BIGBANG and YG?

G-Dragon to discharge on October 26th

His comeback, which has a huge impact on the music industry, draws attention not only to his solo and group activities but also to YG Entertainment‘s future steps.

YG desperately needs the return of G-Dragon and BIGBANG

A music industry official said, “With the presence of BLACKPINK and AKMU singers sweeping the music charts, YG‘s atmosphere set the stage for a reversal.”

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1. [+198, -32] Reporters are starting again. Leave GD alone.

2. [+109, -15] Whatever GD does, leave him alone.

3. [+84, -12] Garbage reporters are starting again … Leave GD alone.

4. [+71, -14] Don’t burden him even before he’s out of the army.

5. [+62, -14] Reporters, leave him alone. He’ll take care of himself.

6. [+20, -4] Fans here are still saying don’t put pressure on him. I used to like BIGBANG songs and other members, but not anymore. They’ve done a lot of bad things, and it affects society badly. There’s no reason or value to be liked.

7. [+15, -2] The fashion industry is in recession … Please blow it up. Luxury or anything, please.

8. [+13, -1] But G-Dragon used marijuana, right??

9. [+17, -7] I’ve been waiting for G-Dragon for a long time. Congratulations on your discharge!

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