G-Dragon (GD) under controversy for the neglected state of his dog Gaho after being sent to his parents’ pension… Netizens criticize overgrown nails

original post: nate

1. [+4022, -81] You normally don’t even have to cut the nails of big dogs so it’s surprising to me that he’s in this state. Their nails naturally get ground down through regular walks. Looking at this dog, I think the dog was locked up somewhere and he didn’t even let the dog walk.

2. [+3951, -96] Please let someone else adopt the dog if you can’t take responsibility for the dog care

3. [+3415, -65] Nails like that hurt really badly when they walk. Frequent walks will at least help grind the nails down, so he really neglected his dog

4. [+428, -8] Nails that long mean that the dog was neglected without any walks;;;

5. [+420, -20] I have never cursed GD but this is really wrong..

6. [+418, -4] Wow, he’s rich enough to send the dog to a salon, why did he neglect his dog?

7. [+415, -4] Looks like he only fed the dog without the dog walking. You can tell a lot from the state of the nails

8. [+396, -7] So he’s living in a Hannamdong penthouse after he threw his dog away at a country house?

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