G-Dragon who went the filming set of Lovesick Girls

GD’s hat was a custom made ’88 hat. And only him, Taeyang and Kwanghee have it. He wears it a lot to unofficial events and he was shot in the behind the scenes

GD is a lover boy

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1. [+388, -5] Jennie-ya~ Vroom vroom I’m here~

2. [+379, -14] Look at the way Kwon Jiyong is leaning and looking at her. I’m sure he’s looking at her more lovingly than when he was looking at Hyungdon?

3. [+364, -44] But I think the two of them have the most compatible auras out of all idol couples

4. [+190, -0] Looking at the video, there were definitely rumors. There were a lot of staff at the filming set, and among them, there’s definitely one staff who will reveal something

5. [+159, -248] Jennie can’t live without a man~

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