Getty images of female idols who are representative visuals of girl groups







original post: theqoo

1. How are they all so pretty?

2. Yoona and Suzy are really crazy

3. Yoona and Suzy aren’t exactly idol beauty and they look as pretty as actresses

4. Tzuyu is seriously… a goddess?? How are her eyes so big? Her proportions are crazy, right..?

5. Look at the photos that don’t need much editing, they’re all pretty in real life

6. Tzuyu is seriously pretty, I want to see her acting in drama

7. Honestly, Irene is f*cking pretty

8. Irene, Yoona, Tzuyu and Suzy are so pretty

9. Irene, Yoona, Suzy, and Jisoo are the prettiest

10. Wow, SM idols’ visuals are crazy

11. In my eyes, Seolhyun and Yoona are the prettiest

12. I thought Irene was short, but I think her proportions are fine~ She’s so pretty