“Bang Si Hyuk participated in the album” GFriend is back with stronger performances

On February 3, GFRIEND held a press conference to mark the release of their new mini album “Labyrinth.”

When asked how it’s been, Umji explained, “For this album, we received help from Bang Shi Hyuk, as well as Big Hit’s producers and visual producers, on many things like album production, photos, and videos. So it feels like the overall story we’re trying to tell through this album and the content we created have strengthened and become more defined.”

Sowon stated, “We haven’t met Bang Shi Hyuk yet. But he shared kind words with us through the agency staff. He said, ‘GFRIEND has an irreplaceable charm that only GFRIEND has, and I hope we can create more content that highlights that charm,’ and said they would continue to support us both materially and morally. It gives us a lot of strength and motivates us to work harder.”

She also spoke of Bang Shi Hyuk’s participation in their new album as she said, “Bang Shi Hyuk and all the staff members put a lot of effort into our album. He participated in writing lyrics and producing the album, so we could feel his support for us. From the moment we began preparing this album till now, we’ve felt so satisfied and we’re excited for what will come in the future.”

Yuju added, “I feel the same way. We’re grateful to have received so much help, and I think it will help push us to work harder.” cr

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1. [+773, -127] GFriend fighting

2. [+288, -41] I always support GFriend

3. [+232, -28] I’m looking forward to listening to GFriend’s ‘Crossroads’. GFriend fighting…

4. [+193, -46] GFriend is the best!

5. [+423, -297] I’m a male fan of BTS. From now on, I’m going to listen to GFriend’s songs. I’m curious because GFriend is a group of Big Hit. Fighting!

6. [+119, -13] Even without Bang Si Hyuk, GFriend’s songs are still so good

7. [+102, -17] GFRIEND is a group that shows excellent skills, good performance, and excellent live performance. People may not understand how hard they worked without watching behind-the-scenes clips. Isn’t it the strength of the hard-working group? If you look all the way down this group’s path, the result is a miracle, but the process isn’t a miracle.

8. [+58, -4] I’m so excited about GFriend who’s a performance master!!

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