GFriend’s style really changed after joining Big Hit

They’re coming back with an album on February 3, I don’t know if it’s a full album or a mini album, but the album name “回:LABYRINTH”??
There is a Chinese character in the album name. The album name is just Big Hit style so I was shocked (I’m not saying that in a bad way)

Look at their album names so far

The album name is weirdㅋㅋㅋㅋ So I’m more curious about their album this time
I hope to see the concept photo soon

This is their first album after joining Big Hit so I’m more excited

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1. [+205, -28] Anyway, it’s just a label, what are you expecting to change?;; GFriend is still promoting under Source Music. Big Hit acquired Source Music, they didn’t scout GFriend in their company.

2. [+122, -12] Anyone can see that ‘Summer Rain’ shouldn’t have been a song to overlook..

3. [+86, -5] For those who don’t know what ‘labyrinth’ means. It means maze. The Chinese character ‘回’ means ‘return’ and ‘turn around’, so I’m f*cking looking forward;;;

4. [+49, -2] They’re not changing their style, they’ve always chosen very cool album names, but people call it Big Hit style just because they add ‘回’ in their album title;ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Big Hit is just Big Hit and Source Music is Source Music please.. No one will look at Woollim singers and say that they have SM’s vibe? I just find both fandoms unhappy and they disagree with this, so why are you labeling Source Music as Bighit so easily?… It’s problematic to touch the pride and identity of Big Hit and Source Music fans so please stop..

5. [+38, -4] I really hope that GFriend goes back to their peak this time, they have lots of talented kids, and I personally feel like the public is underestimating them.. Yerin’s voice is so pretty.

6. [+34, -0] Do you really think Big Hit and Source Music are completely independent of each other? Can you explain this to me? So TXT copied GFriend? They obviously have more connectionsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Like Cube and Acube, we can see the relationship between Apink and 4Minute before. Now Source Music is a label of Big Hit, so it doesn’t matter.

7. [+33, -2] Look at this

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