(G)I-DLE Soojin’s post

“Hello, this is Soojin. I’m writing after thinking about this a lot. When I was a student, I always stood out and it’s true that bad rumors always followed me around. I did dress unfitting for a student and it’s true that I tried out cigarettes a few times as well.
I had my problems when I was young, but I haven’t smoked since then. I believe that even though I tried to fix myself, there are things that I did that are embarassing and that I should be sorry for, and that’s why this happened.
But I do have things that I want to say. I always let bad rumors pass, but I want to say something because my fans are haivng such a hard time.
I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I’ll write things as I remember them.
I thought that I was friends with the person that posted today. I ate at her house and I even remember watching a movie with her and her older sister. The older sister that gave me advice about reporting to the police when I was receiving threatening messages from a school upperclassman, I’ve always been thankful to her.
I learned why she wanted to put a distance between us through that post. I remember that we fought because she broke our promise. It wasn’t just once or twice and I remember being angry. I didn’t know she was trying to put distance between us. So I’m embarassed, but I remember cursing her out as well. And her sister picked up the phone and scolded me. I apologized to her and hung up on her. After that, we became completely apart and had bad feelings toward each other.
But I want to clarify a few things.
First, I never used violence on her. Second, I never rode on a motorcycle. Third, I never sent a group text to bully someone. Fourth, I never stole anything, including her school uniform. Fifth, I never even talked to Seo Sin Ae. I’m sorry because I feel like this also hurt her.
I really don’t remember anything about the juice incident. But I believe that I wouldn’t do something like that.
I’m sorry that my personal life became a source of a problem, and I apologize to everyone who was hurt by my embarassing actions.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Well, her memory seems so bad

2. She killed the victim for the second time

3. Bye, I don’t want to see you anymore

4. Cube is crazy… Who forced her to write? At least they should have got a lawyer corrected it before she posted it…

5. You must have stood out because you did something that stood out

6. She just said ‘I can’t remember’ Why did you write this? In the end, only the victim remembers, but the bully doesn’t. It looks like an excuse. Meet the victim and apologize. Don’t kill the victim for the second time..

7. She doesn’t remember, but she believes she didn’t do it.. What the hell is she saying?

8. If you think about the other members of the group and the fans, leave the group

9. Bullies seem to think they are really friends with the victims, and they don’t know what friends are

10. I feel bad for the other members and the fans, but boycott (G)I-DLE until she leaves the group

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