(G)I-DLE Soojin’s victim’s Twitter update (She’s being interviewed by a reporter)

“I’m delivering you this news at a later time
Currently, I’m talking to two reporters
In the case that there’s no official apology and acknowledgment from the bully until the end, I’ll obtain victims’ consent, we are reviewing the information for PD Note”

PD Note is currently accepting information regarding school violence

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t know if she’s obstinate, but I guess she’s thinking about ruining the members together..

2. I guess (G)I-DLE will lose a lot of things.. She should have apologized quickly and admitted her fault, but she kept quiet..

3. Just leave the group and retire

4. Seems like admitting and apologizing is really her last chance…

5. Soojin, bye, I hope the victims don’t give up until the end

6. What is Cube doing? Please kick her out of the group for the other 5 members

7. Please retire if you still have a conscience…

8. Celebrities should have a good effect on people… I don’t want to see bad people on TV

9. Cube has no answer. They don’t think of the other members

10. When the show airs, the image of (G)I-DLE will be completely bad, unable to be recovered

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