(G)I-DLE’s new songs’ line distribution is severe

(G)I-DLE's new songs' line distribution is severe

Title song

(G)I-DLE's new songs' line distribution is severe

B-side 1

(G)I-DLE's new songs' line distribution is severe

B-side 2

Although these are group songs, but the difference is too much…

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1. Who is the main vocalist?
-> Miyeon and Minnie

2. Jeon Soyeon is always the one who composed, rap and sang, so she always feels like she’s #1

3. Miyeon is good at singing, I feel bad for her;;; Shuhua is just a back dancer

4. I’m sorry to say this, but I hope that Soyeon will reduce her greed. Who doesn’t know that Soyeon is good, but she should realize that it’s a group song..

5. If you look at Miyeon’s part, she’s not really the main vocalist…

6. What’s wrong with Miyeon’s part? She’s the main vocalist, but there weren’t many parts in the title song.. Why???

7. But what’s wrong with the main vocalist? Listening to the main vocalist’s voice is much better.. If you’re a rapper, you better focus on rapping …

8. I feel bad for Shuhua and her fans

9. (G)I-DLE is just Jeon Soyeon and friends

10. What is the company doing? Did they not adjust?

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