‘Knowing Bros’, Controversy over Jang Sung Kyu and Shindong’s comments… Shuhua “I wasn’t hurt at all”

(G)I-DLE guested on the latest episode of the variety show, which aired on January 11. Jang Sung Kyu asked Shuhua, who is from Taiwan, “Isn’t Korean still too hard for you to be able to talk on variety shows?” Shuhua replied, “It’s not hard,” and Jang Sung Kyu responded, “It looks hard for you.” Super Junior’s Shindong added, “No, it’s not hard for Shuhua, but it’s hard for us to listen to.”

After the broadcast, many fans demanded an apology from Jang Sung Kyu and Shindong regarding their remarks, and on January 12, Shuhua posted the following message on Instagram:

“Everyone~~ Did you have fun watching “Knowing Bros”?? I hope you had fun!!
The members and I really~ wanted to appear on the show.
I understand that you’re worried, but I wasn’t hurt at all. To the contrary, the MCs were very kind and took good care of us, so it was really fun~ ~
I thank our kind sunbaenim for always smiling at us and teaching us things during the recording!
The two sunbaenim contacted me because they were worried. Don’t feel sorry~~ It’s completely fine. I hope our sunbaenim also don’t feel hurt.
Everyone, thank you for showing lots of interest.
Look forward to “Knowing Bros” next week too, and give it lots of love.” cr

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1. [+833, -92] Sung Kyu, don’t try to make fun of someone by criticizing them. It’s never an advantage.

2. [+581, -44] If a Korean celebrity speaks English to English speakers and someone sarcastically says, “It’s hard for us to listen to,” it would be racist.

3. [+344, -28] When Korean celebrities were treated like that on a foreign broadcast, everyone was so angry, right? However, if Koreans do that to foreigners, why should it be regarded as entertainment?

4. [+268, -21] If this is fun, think deeply about how rude you are. Foreign language is difficult for anyone.

5. [+81, -7] Jang Sung Kyu is so rude. How many times have you had a controversy in a few months?

6. [+44, -7] Jang Sung Kyu must be careful with his words. Please adjust.

7. [+43, -13] I watched the show. What’s the problem?

8. [+39, -13] Jang Sung Kyu can’t last long.

9. [+36, -10] She’s a Taiwanese, why did you treat her like that on variety show? It’s entertainment, but be polite.

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