(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua’s Chinese fanclub said that they will stop buying their album

“Hello. This is Shuhua’s Chinese fanclub. We apologize, but we ask many people’s support in the decision that we just made. After opening the Chinese fanclub, we have continued to support all activities of Cibe Entertainment and always participated in distribution for album purchasing for the group. We even participated in the work during this comeback as well despite not having enough work force. Also, we held events within our fan club to encourage fans to purchase albums. However, we were disappointed that Shuhua was only given 3.9 seconds of line distribution and 17 seconds of MV appearance in the new song ‘HWAA’ that was released today at 5 PM Beijing time. This is very perplexing to us fans. We believe that the agency’s role is to reasonably plan to help the improvement of their artists. However, according to various circumstances, they have not paid attention to Shuhua. Rather, Shuhua’s individual part in songs have decreased since their ‘Oh My God’ comeback. Shuhua’s fans in China have been disappointed because of this. Shuhua’s Chinese fanclub will seize all work distributing all albums with the support of Chinese fans and will focus on supporting Shuhua’s individual promotion. We will resume work once Shuhua gains the part fitting for her.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I would be mad too if my bias only came out a little bit in the MV and got a few parts in the song

2. Less than 4 seconds is too harsh

3. But why did they choose a kid without skills? Face?

4. If she didn’t have the skills then she shouldn’t have been included in the group in the first placeㅋㅋㅋㅋ The agency is weird and it’s a 6-member group, and 4 seconds is crazy

5. I think Shuhua always get minimal parts

6. Shuhua lacks skills, I know that. But the leader is the producer, can’t she adjust to avoid the noise like this?

7. This song doesn’t seem to suit Shuhua.. However, from the fans’ point of view, the fans must be so sad

8. This is the first time I’ve seen a company decrease an idol member’s part like that, especially since they’ve been promoting for a while

9. I thought this was crazy, but since I watched the MV and listened to the song, it seemed that it was the only part she could take on…. The song itself is too difficult to sing

10. 4 seconds is too short

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