Girl groups who debuted from January to September 2019

1/11: MUSKY (unofficially debuted in 2018)
Company: P.K Entertainment

1/24: Cherry Bullet
Company: FNC Entertainment

1/28: CoCo
Company: Fancy Factory

2/14: ITZY
Company: JYP Entertainment

2/20: Pink Lady
Company: OD Entertainment

2/22: G-Girls
Company: Genie Music

3/9: Midnight
Company: H&I Entertainment

3/21: Everglow
Company: Yuehua Entertainment

Company: Zoo Entertainment

Company: Dam Entertainment

4/11: BVNDIT
Company: MNH Entertainment

4/12: PEACE
Company: KRAZY Entertainment

4/17: PinkFantasy SHY
Company: MYDOLL Entertainment

4/18: Holiday
Company: BRIKWORKS Entertainment

4/26: Destiny
Company: ATO Entertainment

5/27: 3rd Eye
Company: GH Entertainment

6/11: 2 Sisters (unofficially debuted in 2018)
Company: X

6/21: High School
Company: Rich Entertainment

6/25: Purple Beck
Company: Majesty Entertainment

7/2: Lusty
Company: Baba Play

7/3: Racket Girl
Company: Rolling Culture

7/9: Whiteday
Company: WD Entertainment

Company: FENT

8/3: CSVC
Company: Poclanos

8/7: Rocket Punch
Company: Woollim Entertainment

8/15: ANS
Company: ANS Entertainment

9/10: Violet
Company: Afreeca TV

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1. [+164, -5] I don’t know anyone else but 4 groups: Cherry Bullet, ITZY, Everglow and Rocket Punch

2. [+95, -6] Even the kids who like idols don’t know anyone else but Everglow, Cherry Bullet, ITZY, Fanatics and Rocket Punch? And for muggles, they probably don’t know anyone else but ITZY.

3. [+80, -4] I don’t know anyone else but ITZY, Rocket Punch and Everglow

4. [+52, -2] That’s why they all bet their lives on big companies,, ITZY has reached the top star level as soon as they debuted, meanwhile the rest…

5. [+34, -8] They all failed except for ITZY

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