Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Controversy promoting her sister’s shopping mall on ‘DoReMi Market’

Girl's Day's Hyeri is controversial for promoting her sister's shopping mall on 'DoReMi Market'

During the episode, she revealed the name of the shopping mall by writing it on a piece of paper and presenting it to the audience while the cast was playing a song lyrics guessing game.

Park Na Rae jokingly scolded Hyeri by telling her she “shouldn’t be promoting it too openly like this”, to which Hyeri playfully replied, “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve made an investment in it. It’s my side hustle now.”

Viewers comment:
“I am not comfortable with the broadcast.”
“She should advertise on her own SNS.”

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1.[+5304, -238] If she wants to promote it, she should promote on her own SNS. What do advertisers pay for? Or she should pay if she wants to promote on the show.

2. [+3073, -280] I think she seems to have an empty head.

3. [+2103, -202] I’m sighing, Hyeri. Think about it.

4. [+1492, -95] Isn’t this article promoting it to help her? She is aiming for this.

5. [+592, -19] The cast is also a problem, but the more problematic is the PD team aired the show. It is not a live broadcast. Can’t you skip this?

6. [+396, -104] She didn’t learn, so she didn’t have anything in her head. And I’m sick of her talking about her face.

7. [+272, -7] I like Haha and Hyeri, but whenever they have a chance to participate in the show, they are talking about a meat restaurant, a shopping mall … Do you think it’s a problem? It is not funny. I think it’s wrong when the production team releases it without editing.

8. [+262, -9] You should edit this, the production team.

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