Goo Hara, posted on Instagram Hello “‘Goodbye” … Fans cheering

Goo Hara made fans worry with SNS message 'Goodbye'
Goo Hara made fans worry with SNS message 'Goodbye'

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1.[+1195, -148] Hara, live as if to show them all

2. [+657, -72] If she really thinks about suicide, she won’t post it on SNS like that!! This is probably just an SOS signal saying she’s having a hard time and needs help.

3. [+450, -75] Hara, there are a lot of people who respect you and support you, so wake up and tell me that you’re resting well. I hope you read the article. I sincerely support you.

4. [+314, -58] She needs to quit Instagram…

5. [+226, -39] Hara, cheering for you. Cheer up.

6. [+75, -8] I’m supposed to help you out there, but it’s hard for me to show off like that.

7. [+85, -19] Just by reading the comments, I can see that Korean is getting sick… I have a sick mind and I need you to look at me…. the sick country, a sick person.

8. [+59, -7] If you don’t want to say something warm to someone in need, don’t move your fingers and make comments. Are celebrities? Why are you saying that you are having a hard? If you’re going to do that, just pass quietly. There are so many bad people.

9. [+104, -57] I don’t like her, but the rumor that she committed suicide is spreading hope is not true.

10. [+48, -6] I worry about eating everyday. Now, I have 2,000 won in total assets.

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